Saturday, December 13, 2008

Naughty or Nice

Consider the Price, to an Elf...

So let me update what is going on.

Since the last post, I have had a birthday, dead day, finals starting, and a few crazy nights in between.

I have also laid down the money to purchase my new laptop. It is a HP 2730p. 1.86 ghz, 120 GB hard drive, 3 GB of ram and its a touch screen. I don't know how I feel about it right now. It is a lot of money but I feel that I made the best choice...just not sure if economically it was the best one. I haven't splurged in a while so I guess I am splurging now? Oh well, I'll give my review of it soon.

I also have recieved my certifcation to test concrete by the ACI. This makes me happy. Maybe it will get me a summer time job.

Below is a video of our compression tests on some concrete samples we made. The concrete we batched surpased 20'000 psi which in turn gave us a 10 percent bonus in my Structural Materials class. While watching the video you may want to turn the volume down as some one lets out an explitive when the concrete finally gives way. I am in the background as well. It honestly was a pretty scary site when the concrete cylinder exploded.

This is at a "yay school is about over" party where we watched about 5 minutes of revenge of the nerds...we were suppose to dress up as nerds...sadly this is the closest thing I had while I was in fayetteville.

The night got much better after we quit watching and moved into the garage.

This picture is from the National Missionary, where I was litterly locked out on the roof. What happen is I was exploring with the Tyler Twins when we decided to go out this door. Well the door opened just fine but had no door handle to get back into the building. So we were stuck outside on the roof looking in through the windows on the roof. Thankfully some one let us back in.

Yeah I realize I covered the NMC in the last post but I forgot this photo.

My new computer should be here with in the week, and I should be done with finals on Wednesday...therefore I should have plenty of time to do some comics...and get back to some more enjoyable stuff.