Saturday, January 23, 2010

Living is Simple...

I sit here sweating. I am playing basketball for the 3rd time in as many weeks since the doc ok'ed me to go back to normal activities.

A year ago in February I tore my ACL on this very court with many of the people in the photo there to witness it. I had surgery on December 17th to repair the tear. When the doc got in there he found that it had repaired itself. Apparently this is rather rare even with partials.

I enjoy Basketball because you see how people really are on the inside. Emotion comes through in a way that is socially acceptable and inturn reveals the true personality.

I honestly am scared everytime I have stepped out on the court. Afraid of tearing my ACL again. But with that in mind I refuse to sit on the side line in life. I demand participation in life and to not be one of those that sentenced themselves to a lifetime of things they wish they had done.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sometimes You're a Tourist With a Camera...

Sometimes I wonder how my kids will envision the past. I know currently a lot of people see past events in black and white. I am not sure I completely do this but...I do envision some events in the color of the paintings, photographs of the time. For example: I for some reason I envision the 70's as being very vibrant in colors along with a lot of earth tones but without the sharpness of modern images. Almost in a slight blurred way that differentiates hd television from normal (analog?) televisions.

Here is a picture of a sign I took not too long ago. The place was called Venture. From what I can remember they were something like wal-mart before wal-mart built super centers. The only thing I really remember about the store is that when they were closing I bought probably the 2nd or 3rd cd that I had ever bought...The band was called "Jimmy Ray" and the title of the album was self titled...Jimmy Ray...I bet you cant guess what the lead singer's name was...
Maybe he is a bit narcissistic?

Anyways back on point...this sign...

I am afraid this picture will become my main memory 20 years from now of a store that I barely remember now...but will I remember it in this version...or will I think of it in what ever future variant of odd I know.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Digging My Potato

I am in love...

Why yes I did just buy her cd based on the cover art.

Sorry to my future wife/girlfriend. She is hot and mainly I see her now yet you are no where to be found at this time. So I don't feel bad in saying this girl is hot!

UPDATE: 01-20-10
Ok the cd came in. Her voice is as amazing as her picture above. I guess I should actually tell who she is...From the best I can tell from Wikipedia...Her name is: Alison Sudol, she was born 27 days after I was....also from reading...and I am making an assumption here...I would guess she is a Christian (Woohoo!) as well just by looking at some of the authors (such as CS Lewis, and writing a Narnia style book series) she likes. All that given...why cant she live some where near me...then again maybe not...That might freak her out if I tried to meet her lol.

anyways here is the cd

The band is called "A Fine Frenzy"
Album is "One Cell In The Sea"

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Houston, we have uh-oh

So... It has been a long stinkin time since I have wrote here. I really could care less who if anyone reads this. I have given up on looking at page counts to focus on content.

This will turn into a space for me to read later on. Therefore I will put my random thoughts and quotes about what is going on.

Let's get started shall we.

Currently reading: Blue Like Jazz

Great book so far. More thoughts about it tomorrow.

Also have started up reading the new testament again. I am in the middle of Luke. I have never made it this far in reading straight through. Of course I have read bits and pieces here and there in church and what not. I have read through Matthew probably 10 times but never could make it though Mark for some reason. Not that Mark was bad. I just became unfocused. Needless to say I am running into a few random things I have never read before. But nothing ground shaking. i.e. I read about the brothers of thunder wanting to call down fire from heaven for not accepting them into a town. Odd...

And I am listening to Dune Messiah on audio book now. So far I preferred the original Dune to this book. This one is too much political cloak and dagger stuff so far.

All for now.