Saturday, January 16, 2010

Digging My Potato

I am in love...

Why yes I did just buy her cd based on the cover art.

Sorry to my future wife/girlfriend. She is hot and mainly I see her now yet you are no where to be found at this time. So I don't feel bad in saying this girl is hot!

UPDATE: 01-20-10
Ok the cd came in. Her voice is as amazing as her picture above. I guess I should actually tell who she is...From the best I can tell from Wikipedia...Her name is: Alison Sudol, she was born 27 days after I was....also from reading...and I am making an assumption here...I would guess she is a Christian (Woohoo!) as well just by looking at some of the authors (such as CS Lewis, and writing a Narnia style book series) she likes. All that given...why cant she live some where near me...then again maybe not...That might freak her out if I tried to meet her lol.

anyways here is the cd

The band is called "A Fine Frenzy"
Album is "One Cell In The Sea"

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