Monday, February 16, 2009

The horizon has been defeated

by the pirates of the new age

Problems I have been thinking are 2 statements that are true...according to my knowledge of physics and the universe.

The speed of light remains a constant speed regardless of the sources speed.(i.e. the speed of a beam of light being shined by a car going 60 mph is not going 60 mph faster then the speed of light...nor are the tail lights going 60 mph less then the speed of light...basically the speed of light is source independent.)

The second statement is that there is light from stars that will never ever ever reach our solar system.

This made no sense to me...even if the galaxies are moving at a magnitude of 1.5 the speed of light....light in theory would still make it here...Galaxy A going .75 the speed of light and Galaxy B going .75 the opposite direction = magnitude of 1.5 speed of light. Since light is not source dependent it would only have to over come the .75 SoL. This means yes it would make it to us right?

Turns out the answer is NO. Here is where my brain broke for about an hour. I totally forgot about the universe is expanding. Imagine the universe is a giant piece of nylon and galaxy A and B are on opposite have the nylon start to stretch...this is the same add the galaxies also moving on the nylon away from each other....this means the beam would never be able to beat the speed of the expansion of the universe and the speed of the other galaxy that it is chasing...

Mind blowing?