Saturday, January 23, 2010

Living is Simple...

I sit here sweating. I am playing basketball for the 3rd time in as many weeks since the doc ok'ed me to go back to normal activities.

A year ago in February I tore my ACL on this very court with many of the people in the photo there to witness it. I had surgery on December 17th to repair the tear. When the doc got in there he found that it had repaired itself. Apparently this is rather rare even with partials.

I enjoy Basketball because you see how people really are on the inside. Emotion comes through in a way that is socially acceptable and inturn reveals the true personality.

I honestly am scared everytime I have stepped out on the court. Afraid of tearing my ACL again. But with that in mind I refuse to sit on the side line in life. I demand participation in life and to not be one of those that sentenced themselves to a lifetime of things they wish they had done.

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