Saturday, November 15, 2008

You Can't Stop Nothing

If you got no control...

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So this last week has been ba ba badddd. The comic above is the last one I drew before the happening. Initially I was not going to post this comic as I did not think the quality was up to par with the standards of previous ones ( pssh like I have quality standards on my blog).

Any ways my tablet PC bit the bullet and kicked the bucket this week. I was working on a presentation at the time so that realllllly sucked. Oh well what can you do...

I am working on repairing it was some super glue later today...perhaps it'll work. If not I'll be buying a new one just because I NEED a laptop for school hence the thing I was working on and using it for at the time.

For all those curious the one I am looking at is the HP EliteBook 2730p

I was originally looking at it dreaming kinda sorta...but unfortunately it has turned into a need.

Oh well, update soon

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