Sunday, November 23, 2008

So with my Tablet PC (aka a laptop you can write on) being down for the count for good, I will not be having comics for a little while. Never fret though! The laptop going out gives me the opportunity to buy the laptop I was wanting. Of course the wanting and needing things were totally different until my current one decided that it was better to not have a screen that worked.

Anyways. I figure I'll update everyone on my life to this point with pictures starting with the first one below!

A few weeks ago I was invited to watch a Razorback game from a box seat. It was awesome and amazing all at the same time! Thanks Tyler and thanks Dyers that allowed Tyler to invite me.

Here is a picture of the guys that were left, Tyler middle left, his brother Travis middle right, and my former roommate Adam on the far right.

This is Tyler and is Fee Aunc Say!(Fiancee(In my best wanna be french accent(Hey gotta use it up it'll only last like 6 more months then it is just plain ole husband and wife...where is the fun in that)))

My church is adding a new sanctuary and a new drive thru. Apparently they were tired of the old one continually getting hit by vehicles clearing the 10 foot mark...I mean look how gianormously high that thing 30 feet.

Ah yes my wanna be civil engineering side coming out. Who in the world takes pictures of cracks in concrete...that is besides me? Any ways beyond that...mainly I am wondering why it cracked...I am guessing because they did not put a thermal expansion joint in this peticular section...this was an extremely long section compared to the rest that are in the new sanctuary.

Another random event that happened...I was doing home work for mechanics of materials(class of the devil) when a random mechanical engineering professor came around and asked if anyone wanted tickets to that nights was the first night I was going to have off in a couple weeks and wanted to take the oppertunity. So I called Adam (you remember Adam right from the other picture?) and asked him if he wanted to go and he said sure so I jumped up and accepted the offer. A very generous gift from a random professor that more then likely I'll never see again.

Once again who takes pictures of this stuff? Well I do...I am guessing they are making some form of a slurry wall to help stabilize the ground? They are adding an addition to the parking deck to the right. Any ways they are driving these things into the ground during the middle of the National Missionary Convention. Frustrating for those inside the Tulsa Convention Center.

These are my good friends I saw at the NMC. Justin is on the left and the very beautiful Beka on the right.

These are two girls that are twins that go to my home church...Katie on the left and Shelly on the right.

Part of the youth group from my church came up and visited the NMC on they are...

This is the BOK Center...not knowing what BOK stood for...I just assumed it was a word. I procedded to go around calling it the "Bok" Center. Finally later in the day some one stopped me and asked me what I was talking about. They procedded to laugh when they figured out what I was saying. Apparently the building was funded by the Bank of Oklahoma(Interesting with the current banking crisis ehh?). This in causes the correct saying to be the B.O.K. (Phonetically: Bee Ohhh Kay) Center. Bah...

Back to my random construction pictures. This is the addition to the parking garage that I spoke about in previous photos. The vertical wood support is what got me...I havent a clue as to what in the world it is there I really dont know...

Oh well there you go...That has been my life over the past few weeks...minus all the homework I suppose. Hopefully in a couple weeks I'll have another computer and can start doing comics once again...or maybe I'll find a girlfriend that I can donate my time too...either way it is all down hill from here....except for the whole last round of test and finals thing...blah

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